Soundclash – 12.05.2022

Who is rocking it tonight?

We’re testing a new voting system. Simply vote for the person who you feel is rocking it, or who makes you laugh, smile etc throughout the show!

Soundclash Challenge Results

DateThemeChallengerWinnerScore (In Rounds)
12.05.2022Maths & NumbersStacey TaylorStacey Taylor896 vs 846 Votes
21.04.2022Body PartsStacey TaylorLee4 vs 1
31.03.2022Food & DrinkStacey TaylorStacey Taylor3 vs 2
17.02.2022Best Songs of 2021Rob CostelloChris & Lee4 vs 1
27.01.2022SleepLouise MumfordChris & Lee4 vs 1
20.01.2022SupergroupsPete RogersChris & Lee4 vs 1
30.09.2021New York HardcoreTim CundleTim Cindle4 vs 1
23.09.2021ColoursStacy ScottChris & Lee4 vs 1
16.09.2021Rob's Piano CoversRob CostelloChris & Lee4 vs 1
09.09.2021Cover SongsGeraint ScottGeraint Scott3 vs 2
05.08.2021Prog!Pete RogersPete Rogers4 vs 0
29.07.2021Novelty SongsJohn VarkerJohn Varker3 vs 2
22.07.2021RockSimon ReynoldsChris & Lee3 vs 2